Work Packages

MARadentro comprises a number of work packages

Work Package 2 – Data mining and experimental design
Review of existing knowledge on the fate of contaminants in reclaimed water reuse MAR projects, will be performed to identify gaps in knowledge, methodology and information as well as data needs. This will serve as a basis for properly developing novel reactive layers and will aid in the design and implementation of MAR at three scales.

Work Package 3 – Lab testing
Column experiments will be performed to evaluate and calibrate the performance of several layer’s compositions. Varying water qualities and boundary conditions will be tested to emulate field conditions. The results will be used in the modelling and in the pilot and field testing.

Work Package 4 – Pilot MAR testing
In the pilot system, the objective is to test and propose different materials to accelerate the natural processes that improve water quality during MAR. We will assess the improvement of the recharged water quality, and the role of different types of reactive layers and plants, water flow rate and microbial community composition. Water quality assessment include inorganic nutrients, organic compounds of emerging concern, and pathogens. 

Work Package 5 – Field MAR testing
To assess the feasibility of the MARadentro solution, a field scale MAR will be constructed at a WWTP. The prototype will be fed with treated domestic wastewater, with or without previous tertiary treatment and operate under long-term. This upscaling will add value to the study and make it possible to compare to an industrial prototype. 

Work Package 6 – Transport modelling and risk assessment
Numerical models incorporating pathogen and colloids transport, ecotoxicological data as well as the degradation of pollutants and its interaction with biogeochemical processes will be developed to understand and predict the fate of pollutants and pathogens in MAR. The models will be used to perform a risk assessment aimed at ensuring the no-risk of MAR at environmental and human levels.

Work Package 7 – Economic balance
A comprehensive and interactive model will be developed and applied for economic feasibility studies and technical project evaluations under different scenarios. Evaluation of the economic impact, market trends and technology positioning will be incorporated. A final point will be the transfer of project results from R&D performers to industrial players.

Work Package 8 – Exploitation and dissemination
It is important to transfer the knowledge gained by MARadentro to health experts, policy makers and water companies. We want to create an open discussion about the implementation of MAR and our results will lead to scientific publications and the development of guidelines and recommendations to end-users of MAR. We will arrange meetings with stakeholders and at the end of the project, there will be public events at the field scale MAR facility.